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Where did the Human in HR go?

coffeeRecently I came across a tweet that posed that question exactly (@jrkierce: Why is it that all HR department announcements seem written by robots without feelings? Where’d the HUMAN in HR go?)  So part of this question relates to communication, how it’s crafted and presented.  But maybe the root of this question is really the “Robot” part.  Are we programmed only to check boxes, comply with rules and regulations, to do only what management wants us to?  Have we lost the ability to communicate and relate on the most basic of levels…as human beings?  I also came across a tweet the other day where some young woman was complaining about having to sit at a dinner table with the HR person because she couldn’t be “herself.”  How awful!  If there is any group in an organization around which employees should feel themselves, it’s HR…right?  

Have we worked so hard to “get to the table” that we’ve built a reputation as management’s henchmen?  Broad broad generalization, I know.  But I can attest to a general devolution of employee trust and comfort with HR.  Maybe we should spend a bit more time creating strong relationships with the organization based on WHO WE ARE, rather than WHAT WE DO.

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